Don’t Be An Asshole, A-Rod



By Keith Allison from Baltimore, USA (Alex Rodriguez) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Baseball has been good to you. The New York Yankees have been good to you. You’ve made more money in your tainted career than any other baseball player – by a large margin… Yet, you insist on shitting on the the same people and organizations who made you.

Frankly, I don’t care that you did performance enhancing drugs. I assume that most of the good players from your era did.

I get it – you just wanted to get an edge over the competition. You wanted to hit more home runs. You wanted to break records. You wanted to make more money. Who wouldn’t want that? I’m okay with all of that.

What I don’t understand is your defensive tactics. You’ve been busted, but instead of taking it like a man, you’re using the Lance Armstrong Defense.

You’re suing Major League Baseball, the Commissioner of Baseball, a New York hospital, and the Yankee’s Doctors?!

I have low expectations for professional athletes. I don’t expect you to be role models. I don’t expect you to be superheroes. All I want you to do is come out and be your best on the field. Do whatever you want in your personal life – it’s not my business.

But I do have one rule for people – don’t be an asshole. It’s really easy to be an All Star in my league. All you have to do is act like a decent human being. When you start suing the people who paid for your mansion, in an attempt to save face, you’re an asshole.

Unfortunately, you’ll never read this post, or heed this advice. You and Lance Armstrong are cut from the same cloth. Your egos were on steroids long before you ever stuck a needle in your body.

I’m just trying to help you out. Less than a year ago Lance Armstrong faced the same fate. He was under fire for using PEDs, but instead of facing the facts, and admitting to his mistakes, he insisted on protecting his image, and torching anybody that didn’t stick to the narrative.

How did that turn out for Lance? It was a year ago (this month) that all of his sponsors abandoned him. Two months later he was on Oprah doing his predictable confession and apology. His sport, the media, and his own charity cast him out. Do you really want to go that route?

You don’t have to go down like that. Just go away. Take your money and your memories and fade out. Don’t try to save face. Don’t try and prove that you’re right. You have nothing to gain. You’ve already lost all respect and credibility. You’ll never be in the hall of fame. It’s over.

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