Can the Yankees Make the Playoffs?

Yankees vs. Angels

Yankees vs. Angels Wednesday, August, 14 2013

In my last post, I wrote about the Yankees salvaging the season by not loosing to bad teams, and beating the RedSox. But the way the Yankees are playing right now, it looks like they might have a legitimate run at the Wild Card.

The front office doesn’t look like they’re ready to give up on this season yet. They’re still making moves to put the Yankees in contention for the playoffs. By adding Alfonso Soriano and Mark Reynolds to the lineup this Summer, the Yankees are set to finish the season strong.

The two big questions are:

1. When will Derek Jeter return? A lot of baseball analysts are suggesting his season is done. If the Yankees are out of contention it doesn’t make much difference, but if they make a playoff run, having the Captain back in the lineup will be paramount.

2. How long will A-Rod be in the lineup? His situation is precarious. Joe Girardi doesn’t have a problem playing him, but MLB wants him out. His posturing can only by him so much time. Bud Selig is going to bring the hammer down sooner than later. When he does, what impact will that have on the Yankees, who are struggling to get run production this year?

My 2013 Trip to Yankee Stadium

Lucky for me, there’s often a business conference in NYC during the Yankees season. This has made it easy for me to make an annual trip to Yankee Stadium nearly ever year since 2007.

I had great seats to the Yankees/Angels game last week Рthird base line (about 20 rows up). It was fun watching them destroy Jered Weaver.

Alfonso Soriano is Hot

The Yankees didn’t waste any time getting on the board. They had 2 outs at the bottom of the first, but then managed to load up the bases. Alfonso Soriano walked up to the plate, and dared Weaver to pitch to him. Weaver must not have heard that Soriano knocked out 2 home runs in the previous game, otherwise, he would have walked him. Instead of walking him, and sending 1 guy home, he threw a pitch that resulted in a grand slam.

This was my first (live) major league grand slam! It couldn’t have worked out any better – my team, at home.

Soriano’s next at bat was another home run. He hit a double later in the game. The guy is on fire right now.

A-Rod Still (Mostly) Loved in New York

I didn’t know what to expect when A-Rod stepped up to the plate. I’ve never been a big fan of A-Rod. The PED controversy, combined with (allegedly) selling out other players, has made me like him even less. In fact, I chuckled when I read this, because it sums up how a lot of Yankees fans feel about A-Rod:

A-Rod PED Controversy

People had problems with A-Rod long before he was accused of using steroids.

When he stepped up to the plate, I expected a cold reception, but to my surprise more than half the fans cheered him on. It was fun to see the mixed reaction among fans. There were people in front of me jeering, and others were cheering. When A-Rod got a hit, everybody seemed to forget his problems. When he was called out, the boos were definitely louder.

I don’t care how well he plays – I’m not going to cheer for him again.

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